Not Quite Ready to List your Home with a Professional? We are FSBO friendly!

Moore Homes is your FSBO friendly Real Estate team. We understand you may want to try to sell your home yourself and we respect your decision. As a successful real estate team, we work with many qualified buyers because our service is FREE to them, and we don’t want to limit the homes they are able to see.

Therefore, we actively work with FSBO’s to help them sell their home by bringing them a qualified buyer. Statistics indicate that of homes sold FSBO, over 40% of the time there is an agent involved in bringing the buyer. By working with FSBO’s, we are able to increase the number of homes we have to show our buyers and improve our ability to find the perfect home.



We have developed a win-win-win solution. You win because we work to help you sell your home, our buyer wins because they have more homes to choose from,and we win because we increase the odds of helping our buyers find the perfect home.

How Does It Work

After a FSBO agrees, we database their homes for our buyers. Whenever a buyer is interested in seeing what is available, we search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and our internal database for possible matches. Prior to previewing your home, we will schedule the appointment with you and get the “Sellers Permission to Show” form signed (this form has to be completed prior to us bringing any buyers through your home). You will know our fee up front and be able to determine whether or not you want to accept our buyer’s offer; you are in control of how much you are willing to accept for your home. As part of our service, we will complete the paperwork so you don’t have to and ensure the steps of the process are completed to ensure a timely closing. Why wouldn’t you want to work with us?

Why Would We Want To Work With FSBO's?

As an exclusive buyers agent, we are obligated to help our clients find the best home that meets their needs; sometimes, the best home may be For Sale by Owner. We earn the same, whether we list a home or bring a buyer. The difference is who we represent- the seller or buyer. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to us who we represent. That is up to you.

How Do We Get Paid?

We charge the seller between 3-4% of the sales price to bring a buyer; however, you determine what is an acceptable sales price. For example, assuming we agree to a 4% commission and after commission you want $200,000, you would need an offer of at least $208,333 ($200,000 / 96%= $208,333). The title company will ensure we get paid when your home closes, so there is no money out of your pocket. If we don’t bring you a buyer, you owe us nothing.


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